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We open the door to thousands of approved buyers and sellers. Post your crop bid as a registered buyer. Through our rigorous customer compliance we make sure that only reliable users gain access to our digital marketplace.

Discover Our Products

On the nest marketplace, you can search, find and negotiate the prices of the agricultural commodities directly with sellers

How it works

  • Sign-up to the platform
  • Select the agricultural crop you are looking to buy
  • Set a quantity
  • Provide us with crop characteristics & details
  • Request for quote
  • Decide upon logistic and/or crop quality check services
  • Stay updated by email or notification centre
  • Our Value Proposition

    We drive agricultural transactions through our digital platform in combination with our service partnership network. Nest Marketplace accommodates facilitates payments, product quality check options, and end-to-end logistic services. All intermediate supply chain stages are covered by Nest Marketplace and our partnership network. See our premium partners for more information.

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